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Investing in crypto in itself is an advantage for those who know how to understand market fluctuations and which crypto to invest in. But, what if you could earn interest on your crypto holdings as well. There could be nothing more amazing than that and there is that one platform that allows you to do so. Yes, we are here talking about BlóckFi which allows consumers to earn great rewards on every purchase they make through this platform.

A BlóckFi Lógin user is also entitled to earn good rewards when he starts using a BlóckFi Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card. On this platform, you can not only buy or sell crypto assets but also earn crypto in an easy way. To get started on this exchange, you need to make sure that you go to their official website and hit that “Get started” button to begin your journey here.

Not just that, after getting started, you can also begin using the BlóckFi wallet that has been exclusively made available to the users so that they do not have to worry about storing their crypto assets. And, yes, there’s more to it and you’ll be able to explore all of this at one safe location i.e. BlóckFi.

Pros and Cons of using BlóckFi Lógin

Borrowing against crypto is something that makes users go crazy about this exchange, but there’s more to it. And it is important that you should know both the negative as well as positive aspects of this exchange. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the BlóckFi Lógin exchange and try to learn more about it in a deeper manner:


  • The low trading fee it charges to the users is something that makes users get attracted to this platform
  • Each month users are given the opportunity to undergo a free withdrawal
  • Adding more to it, the platform also allows you to earn interest on your Bitcoin/crypto holdings


  • Although they offer good services on this exchange you may not be able to access these services in all the states
  • Speaking about the user interface, we can say that the BlóckFi Lógin portal is very difficult to use as compared to the other exchanges that are available here

Who Should Choose BlóckFi Lógin?

As we know, there are both good and bad of any crypto exchange. So, BlóckFi may also be not meant for some users. Therefore, it is very important to understand the consequences and then decide if this crypto exchange is right for you or not.

Well, this exchange works great only for those users who are more inclined towards earning more and more interest through crypto investment. In addition to this, using your BlóckFi Lógin account, you can also get some cash (whenever you want) without having to sell off your cryptos. On the flip side, BlóckFi may not be a good option for those users who only want to buy, sell, or trade with their cryptos. This is because there are a lot of crypto exchanges available in the marketplace that let you do the same, that too, in a more efficient way than BlóckFi.

Signing up on the BlóckFi platform

If you think, BlóckFi is the right exchange for you and you haven’t started your journey with it, then you should sign up for an account now and make sure that you are getting access to all the benefits that it has made available for users. So, the section below explains to you how you can sign up and have your own BlóckFi Lógin credentials ready in a few minutes:

  1. To begin the procedure, it is important that you go to its official website
  2. The official website goes by the URL-
  3. Once you are there, click on one of the two available “Get started” buttons
  4. Now, on the sign-up form, enter the details in their respective fields
  5. Next up, you need to create your BlóckFi Lógin password
  6. Followed by this, you can also feed the referral code (if you have any)
  7. After this, the user needs to click on the two given boxes and then tap on the “Submit” option.


Signing up doesn’t stop just there, it completes when you log in to your account and then complete the identity verification process. Therefore, to make it easy for you, we have discussed a few steps that would help you in signing in to your BlóckFi account in just a few minutes:

  1. As we know, going to the official website is the primary thing that you need to do
  2. After this, one should try to remember his BlóckFi Lógin credentials
  3. If you remember the login details, go ahead and click on the “Log in” option at the top
  4. Followed by this, you need to enter the login email address and click “Continue”
  5. Next up, you have to enter the password of your account and click “Continue” again


Unfortunately, if you have forgotten the password of your account and you want to make sure that you do not face any difficulty while logging in to your account, then you can follow the enlisted steps to reset your account password:

  1. Begin the procedure by navigating to the official website BlóckFi
  2. Next up, you need to click on the “Log In” option to reach the sign-in page
  3. Once you are there, you need to make sure that you know your email address
  4. So, at this point, enter your email address and tap on the “Continue” option
  5. When the display shows the password window, select “forgot password?”
  6. Again, enter your email address on the landing page and click “Continue”
  7. Follow the instructions that are sent to you via email
  8. Set a new BlóckFi Lógin password and regain access to your account


As you can read, BlóckFi is a great option for those users who wish to earn interest through their crypto holding and also want to cash out some money by borrowing against their cryptos. So, in the sections above, we have tried our best to share all the necessary information that you must know in order to get through on this platform and make the best use of your crypto money.